Using the Chapel

Using Gadfield Elm Chapel

Guidelines for Usage

Responsibility for managing Gadfield Elm chapel has been delegated by the Europe West Area Presidency for the Church to the Cheltenham Stake, in whose area the building is located. Two Church Service missionary couples have been assigned to work there.

Gadfield Elm Chapel is available to be visited by members and friends of the Church without the need for an appointment. Access to the building is by way of a combination code entry system, the code for which is available by answering a few simple questions that are displayed in the window by the entrance door, and which every member with a rudimentary knowledge of Church history will enjoy answering.

As you visit the building, please treat it with appropriate reverence and respect. Please turn lights off after your visit and assist those volunteers who undertake the ongoing maintenance by tidying up after your visit. Donations are neither asked for, nor accepted.

Use of the facility for any purpose other than casual visiting, including occasional overnight camping in the grounds is strictly by prior appointment only. Reservations for use can be made by calling the Church Service Missionaries on 01452 840576. As the building is owned by the Church as a Historical Site it is not approved for use for regular Church Worship including Sacrament meetings, and requests to use it for such will be refused. It is also not licensed, nor available, for use as a venue for weddings.

Youth and other groups from many areas have used Gadfield Elm for firesides and special occasions such as seminary graduation, Relief Society commemoration meetings or other appropriate services. Requests for reservations to use the Chapel for purposes such as this should be referred to the Church Service Missionaries as noted above and every effort will be made to accommodate your requirements.

Visitors to the area on a Sunday are advised that units of the Church meet in Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford. While it is not appropriate to hold Sacrament services in Gadfield Elm, those units will welcome your attendance at their Sacrament and regular worship services.